Dr Scott’s Rx for a Healthy Western North Carolina

Dr Scott’s Rx for a Healthy Western North Carolina?

America is calling 911 to save our ailing country. Many in Washington only seem to care about their money and power; not your health, your job, your school, your environment or your mama!

Our communities’ health TRUMPS their corporate wealth. My prescription for a healthy district, state, and nation is based on four pillars: Healthy Democracy, Healthy Citizens, a Healthy Environment, and a Healthy Future. I look forward to advocating for a healthy Western North Carolina by repealing and replacing Mark Meadows! Let’s work on that together!

Healthy Democracy

A Healthy Democracy, one “of the people, by the people, and for the people” means every citizen has a right to vote. Onerous voter registration laws are aimed at suppressing voters’ rights. Gerrymandering is simply a form of voter suppression. Faceless PACs that purchase elections are a symptom of a sick democracy.

Healthy Citizens

It’s not so much that our healthcare system is broken, it’s that we have never had a SYSTEM. I hope to be a part of implementing a system where every human has equal access to healthcare and mental health needs–apart from one’s ability to pay for exorbitantly priced insurance. For-profit business has no place in healthcare. The Opioid Epidemic, the Epidemic of Gun Violence, and the Epidemic of Suppression of Women’s access to Reproductive Healthcare are healthcare concerns and should not be politicized.

Healthy Future

A Healthy Future is one with hope. As quality healthcare is a fundamental right, so is a quality affordable education. A healthy platform for education, from the early years to college and job-training, is necessary to build one’s personal wealth and security. When our schools are robbed of resources our communities are robbed of a future and hope.

Healthy Environment

As a physician, I’m also a scientist, and I understand the danger that climate change presents. Climate change is our new reality and it is imperative that we address this issue now to ensure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the same future and opportunities that we have been so fortunate to have. These issues will continue to have a significant impact on the health of our communities both locally and nationally. I believe that being on the forefront of climate change policy ensures prosperity for our communities through the development of green energy jobs. A healthy understanding of climate change leads to a healthy economy.

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