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Rare, Safe, Legal

“As a Christian, if you can come to terms with abortion, you must be a democrat’

It’s what I tell my Evangelical Republican friends. The right to abortion and the termination of pregnancies is found in our most ancient written literature, except for the Bible. Abortion divides us to this day. As long as Republicans promise to fight abortion, Evangelicals will vote for them and not question another issue.

During my wandering years, as a father of three and as one who has dedicated his life to the preservation of life, the issue of abortion, until now, has kept me from entering the political arena. In short form I’ve listed the reasons I support a “Woman’s Right to Choose”, “Abortion Rights” and “Reproductive Rights”.

1. I’m not pregnant and in my present state am unlikely to become pregnant. 

2. Abortion was addressed in written form by Hippocrates, 500 years prior to the time of Christ. While the Hippocratic oath states, “ I will not use a pessary to induce an abortion”, there are many other texts wherein Hippocrates encouraged prostitutes who became pregnant to “jump up and down touching heels with buttocks to induce miscarriage” and he described surgical instruments to dilate the cervix and curette the uterus. Today we call this a D & C (Dilation and Curettage). Among other things, D & C’s are used to terminate pregnancies. Then again. Hippocrates wrote of pennyroyal (a herb of the mint variety),  dung of a camel, dung of a goat and jumping over a fire each methods to induce abortion. 

3. Luke, the physician, is the author of the Gospel of Luke, Acts of the Apostles and perhaps the book of Hebrews. Luke had ample opportunity to comment on the termination of unwanted pregnancies and he would have known of the writings of Hippocrates.  Never once did Luke the physician or Jesus, the Great Physicians, ever comment on abortion and both would have had knowledge of the practice and had ample opportunity to speak against it.  Jesus and Luke both chose to remain mute on a known issue of the day.

4. Would my great granddaughter, whom I may never know, find herself pregnant and in a state of great despair, seeking a termination of that pregnancy, I don’t want her traveling to Mexico or a back alley or find herself victim to the whim of some unwashed germ-infested hack of a doctor who will compound her weakened emotional state by causing her undo physical harm.  

5. Oral contraceptives are a form of abortion. (It's complex physiology but by changing the lining of a uterus such that the growing dividing genetically complete products of conception cannot implant and live is a form of abortion)

As a Christian and a Democrat, our obligation is grace. Grace has been given to me, how shall I deny grace to those I consider and those who are my family? Laws will never stop abortion, they never have. Our obligation is to ensure they are safe, legal and rare. 

AMy Donaldson