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A friend called last week. His daughter is in love. She met a young man in college. He’s smart, good looking, neat, clean and sober with a determined mind and plans for the future and he comes from a good family. Everything a father would want for his daughter and future grandchildren. But there’s a problem. This young man is a dreamer. He’s been granted a form of amnesty by President Barak Obama and that amnesty is under assault. There’s a good chance this young man, in a form of reverse extraordinary rendition we call deportation. This young man could be sent back to the country of his birth yet a country foreign to him. This deportation could happen whether he’s married or not. This deportation could happen even if he has a child. The child stays, the father goes. This from the Republican Party of Family Values. What does a father recommend to his daughter?

There is a young woman in Henderson County. She is a mother, the head of her household and a Dreamer. Her parents brought her to this country, she attended school, graduated at the top of her class and then graduated from college without student loans because student loans are not granted to illegal immigrants. Her brother was born in the United States, attended high school and won an appointed to the US Naval Academy. While he trains to defend this nation from enemies both at home and abroad, she wonders whether she’ll be deported back to Mexico. How can you be told Mexico is your home if your native tongue is English?  Imagine the irony, her brother defends the nation that deports his sister. This from the Republican Party of Family Values.


1. The Dreamers, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), has not increased the number of other Hispanic immigrants seeking asylum. 

2. There is no evidence DACA workers displace “native born” citizens or lower their wages. 

3. DACA act has increased wages of immigrants and improves mental health outcomes.

4. DACA recipients are not any more likely to commit crimes than anyone else. 

The Republican Party has metamorphosed itself into a party of fear and hatred constantly seeking someone else to blame for the world’s problems. The Democratic Party sees the world as it is and looks for solutions. We are a nation of immigrants some of us legal and some of us, if we applied the same standards required today, we’d be descendants of illegal immigrants. We’d be Dreamers ourselves.

We are a better people with the addition of the Hispanic immigration and it’s time we acknowledge it with a permanent solution.  

AMy Donaldson