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We study our environment though a process called science. Science is not the making of sandwiches nor the ripping off subcontractors and it is not fake. Now there are fake scientists and there is suspect data, but the scientific method identifies and rejects falsehoods thus moving  knowledge forward. We no longer use leaches to treat pneumonia due to the scientific process. 

Scientists love nothing more than proving their colleagues wrong. They love one upping their mentors and publishing papers which defy accepted dogma. Scientists do not collude together for falsehoods. They would love to catch their competitors colluding together to falsify research. They would love even more outing them and showing them up in a most public and embarrassing manner.

It would be ridiculous to think the entire scientific community would or even could collude together to create a hoax they would come to call Climate Change. 


Climate change is not a hoax. Climate change explains why you cannot make pond ice in Western North Carolina to sell to Florida today as was done years ago. Climate change explains why the NHL is worried kids will no longer play hockey on frozen ponds and grow up to be professionals because they're running out of frozen ponds. Climate change explains why the Delaware River no longer freezes nor the Potomac nor the French Broad for that matter. Climate change explains why today, October 11th, it was 85 degrees and the kids were sent home because the air conditioning didn't work. 

I am a person of science. Our climate is changing as is the entire world's. It is our duty, as leaders of this world, to address climate change, own that which we contribute and make changes. The changes we make, the innovations we contrive, the industries we create will better our nation and our world. 


AMy Donaldson