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Climate change is science. It is ridiculous and profoundly ignorant to think that the entire scientific community would (or could) collude in promoting a hoax. Science is the medium through which we study the world around us, and the scientific community is comprised of intelligent, hard-working men and women whose very method of study rejects falsehoods, moving our collective knowledge forward. We no longer use leaches to treat pneumonia due to this scientific method. We no longer engage in countless acts of ignorance (albeit with good intentions) because we know better through science. Therefore, to accuse science and scientists of being fake is to undermine an important human virtue.It would be tantamount to mocking someone with a disability or refusing to pay subcontractors for completed work. Science comes from a Latin term meaning “knowledge,” and for anyone to think that the science, or the knowledge, that allows us to observe climate change and to begin to understand its consequences is “fake” is choosing ignorance instead. Climate change explains why the Delaware River no longer freezes nor the Potomac nor the French Broad for that matter. Climate change explains why today, October 11th, it was 85 degrees and our local high schoolers were sent home early because it was too hot to think without adequate air conditioning.

I am a person of science, and I know that our climate is changing as is the entire world's. It is our duty, as leaders of this world, as intelligent human beings, to address climate change. We must take responsibility and own our behaviors. We are accountable for what we know; therefore, we must make changes, and the changes we make, the innovations we forge, the industries we create will improve our nation and our world.

AMy Donaldson