Scott Donaldson for Congress

Donaldson is About:

Passion. Experience. Diligence.


Dr SCOTT donaldson, the PHYSICIAN

Dr Donaldson has been a Urological Surgeon in Hendersonville since 2002. Prior to that he worked in Burlington NC, Raleigh, New Orleans and New Zealand.  These experiences have introduced him to a vast array of medical climates, personalities, and opportunities to serve. Each of these settings have had a lasting impact on how and why health and wellness mean so much to him.


FELLOWSHIP 1998-1999
Endourology Urology
Bay of Plenty, Tauranga, New Zealand

Louisiana State University
New Orleans LA 

East Carolina University   Greenville NC

North Carolina State University  Raleigh NC
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

LICENSE   North Carolina

American Urological Association 2001

American Urological Association
North Carolina Urological Association University 

Clinical Faculty of the Year 2000 (voted by UNC Residents)
UNC Assistant Professor 1999-2001

Phizer Scholar in Urology 1998



Dr Scott Donaldson, the LEADER

Chief of Staff, Pardee Hospital (2016-present)

Pardee Foundation Board of Directors (2014-present)

Chair Medical Executive Committee (2014-present)

Vice Chair of Staff, Pardee Hospital (2012-2014)

Chair of Peer Review,Pardee Hospital (2008-2012)

Duke University Assistant Professor Urology (2004-2016)

Healtronics Director of Quality (2006-2012)

UNC Clinical Faculty Urology (1999-2001)

UNC Clinical Urology Faculty of the Year 2001


Committee Member that brought Young Life to Henderson County 2010-present

Producer for Flat Rock Playhouse's production of Little Shop of Horrors, Oct 2017

Producer for Flat Rock Playhouse's production of The Affections of May, June 2016

Board of Directors, First Contact, 2015-present

Committee Member, HopeRx, 2014-present

Board of Directors, Desire Street Ministries, New Orleans (1993-201!)

Joint Owner, Camp Arrowhead for Boys, (in partnership with Desire Street Ministries (2005-2011)

Active Member, Grace Mills River Church, 2002-preesent

Soccer Coach, Henderson County Soccer Ass.,  2001-2009



dr Scott Donaldson, the RAdio storyteller

"Just Sayin"

 Dr. Scott Donaldson delights radio audiences with warm, compassionate and witty accounts of patients he's treated and people he's met. He's created colorful vignettes that tweak our heartstrings and our funnybones! Each story reminds listeners to take a moment and embrace humanity with a little more love, empathy and humor, showing us that it's often the least among us that enrich us most profoundly. You can listen in on WTZQ 95.3FM, 1600AM, four times a day Monday through Friday.


dr scott donaldson, the AUTHOR storyteller

Urological Surgery & Lite Haulin

A photographic essay with the tagline, "Reflections of a small town surgeon", this book is a collaborative effort with Dr. Scott Donaldson's  graphic designer wife, Amy. Fifty favorite radio short short short stories (think 2 minutes long) have been beautifully put to print and continue to enrich its audience time and time again. You can purchase a copy from the website