Caldwell County, North Carolina— the easternmost reach of the 11th Congressional District. The district is a full 3 hours 15 minutes drive or about 3 days walking. Caldwell County has a population approaching 80 thousand. 14% have diabetes and 15% under the age of  65 (medicare age) have health insurance.Single Payer Health care system works wherever its tried. Hold on America, the Democrats are coming.



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“As a surgeon for 30 years nothing surprises me. Until now. I am surprised that we still fight over who deserves health care in our United States of America. We ALL deserver health care. It is a certain unalienable right! I am running for US Congress to put Mark Meadows out to pasture! He and the Kochs do not care about you or North Carolina. Vote – as if your life depends on it.”

– Dr. Scott Donaldson

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