Mark Meadows, in a public forum said, “Whenever Government gets involved in healthcare, it just doesn’t go well.” Ironically, that would be the government saying so. And though I would agree that his form of governing means it “just doesn’t go well,” the truth is, health care is not the problem, his form of government is.
Every first world nation with universal single payer health care lives longer than the citizens of the United States. Not only do they live longer, the health care expenditures are much more efficient. So not only is their health care cheaper, it’s better.
We do specialized health care the best in the world. We do heart transplants, brain surgeries, cancer care, vascular surgeries, MRI’s, eye surgeries, and the rest better than anyone in history. We do not, however, do well with ensuring that diabetics get their insulin. We do not do preventive medicine well. We do not do end of life well. We do not educate our physicians well as the average physician education debt is in the $250,000 range. How can you ask a physician in education debt for the price of a house, to become a pediatrician when every other speciality pays better? We do not put physicians in places of need well. Instead, we tend to place physicians where there’s money.
I have worked in a single payer system in New Zealand where I was a practicing Urologist. Not only did I work in the single payer system, but I was also a patient and had two operations. Yes, there are waiting lists, but call your local doctor and see how long it takes to get in. Now that is a waiting list! In New Zealand, and other first world countries with single payer systems, the wait lists are always and I mean always under scrutiny, debate, and constant improvement.
Health care as an institution will never be solved. It will always need constant input, reassessment, and refocusing. It will never be simply cured, but America’s present Health Care System, which is a dysfunctional, competitive relationship between hospitals, government agencies, and private institutions does not lend itself to solutions but rather to turmoil. A single entity, whose primary goal is the care for the health of the American citizen, is the only solution…so says the American Medical Association, so says the majority of doctors polled, and so says Dr. Scott Donaldson, and I’m running for Congress.

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