I met this guy this weekend, Bob Crawford; maybe you’ve heard of him.  If not, maybe you’ve heard of The Avett Brothers band. Bob is their bass player and has been with The Avett Brothers’ band ever since he lied to Scott and Seth Avett that he could play the stand up bass. Ok, he could sortof play the bass–but had only been  playing it about two weeks. Bob, though, had enough ignorance and confidence and downright talent to be hired on the spot.
While the Avett Brothers and Bob Crawford have achieved international recognition and success, Bob would easily trade it for the health of his child. His young daughter has a rare brain cancer that has approximately 100 reported cases worldwide. She has been treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy…lots and lots of chemotherapy. She was treated initially but the cancer recurred. Now, though, she is four years cancer free.
As you would expect, this child has some brain damage from all of her treatments.  Her father is successful in work and has health insurance which, for their family of four will cost $2,000.00 per month with a $15,000.00 deductible. That means, the insurance company will be paid $30,000.00 before they pay anything toward the care of this child or her family. It’s a pretty good deal for the insurance company. 
Bob wasn’t complaining about the costs. His greater concern was, “What do people do who can’t afford this?”  Including taxes, the cost of this insurance isn’t $30,000; it’s closer to $50,000. That’s money paid to the insurance company before they pay anything. Most of us do not have $50,000 extra for insurance.
Health insurance cost stability stimulates small business. Our best solution, to stabilize these health insurance markets, is to rid ourselves of the middleman, the insurance companies; and then to ensure all our citizens have access to the same basic insurance. It’s called a single payer system.  It works everywhere it’s ever been tried, and it was the idea of a guy named Winston Churchill.



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