Madison County or bust. I was being advised I needed to announce my intent to run publicly or not show up to the Madison County forum. That’s not completely true. They told me I could attend but would not be given the microphone unless I announced publicly. I could watch, but couldn’t talk. So, I outed myself in the Mountaineer and was given a microphone.
In the aftermath of my first meeting, driving home with a friend. We debriefed. My friend said, “Well, I guess your opponent’s first meeting was probably disastrous also.”  That’s not what he said exactly.  He used another word for disastrous. It was a shorter word–not fit for public consumption. I said, “Did you hear what you just said?” I thought to drop him at the side of the road but he has a yankee accent. we were in the midst of confederate flag land, and he didn’t have a Clemson hat to cover the sins of his ill-placed birth.
Ok, my 15 minutes of microphone. Not bad, solid B material.  Make sure to hit talking points. Don’t get wrapped up in long convoluted, really good stories unless asked. Answer questions quickly, directly, with respect. Don’t mumble, even when confused.

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