September 21 will always be my father’s birthday. Or it was until June 6, 2000. He died  at the age of 64. I was 37.  His 4 grandchildren were 6,5,4,3 year old and 2 were on the way. Since he had so much to live for you might imagine that he was involved in an accident or a sudden illness. But no, his illness began when he was 11 years old and continued for the next 53 years.

I am 53 years old. I cannot imaging smoking a cigarette every single day of my 53 years. But he did. Not one a day, but almost three packs a day. As a child I tried to convince  him to stop smoking FOR HIS FAMILY. I even put small explosives in his cigarettes I bought from the back of a Batman comic book. Exploding cigarettes didn’t stop his smoking and enough to say, it didn’t go over so well for me. But I suppose the hope that I could help others better care for themselves is why I pursued a career in Medicine.

After a life of counseling people regarding  their health, one thing remains true. Sometimes, no matter what I say, people are still going to do what they want to do. Even if it hurts themselves or those they love. This endless dialogue is probably what led me to Politics.

Is it ironic or even prophetic that my first event as a Congressional Candidate was on my father’s should-have-been 80th birthday? Probably. I’m certainly not mad at my father or seeking revenge. Of course I am now a Democrat and he was always Republican.  Is this father-son psychobabble? Not a chance, my father, were he alive today, would have renounced his Republican ways years ago because, of all things, he knew compassion. But he had an addiction. And it is really hard to talk to an addict. I see people all the time that are addicted to something. I am addicted to debating people who are addicted to FOX NEWS. I am addicted to trying to convince FOX NEWS addicts that there is a healthier way to live.

You want to live well? You want to feel good about yourself and your nation? I tell people of all political views, particularly those of the Fox News Denomination, to tell those you love that you love them. Be kind to your neighbors. Read a good book, listen to good music, do good works and above all else, Turn Fox News Off.  And, as for my own addiction? I just gotta take one more hit.

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